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7.1 - 13 personal care products or items you use daily.
01. Tom's of Main, Cinnamint
02. Tooth brush, One of those battery operated spin brushes.
03. My special, ionized hair brush
04. Cantu Cocoa butter shampoo, for ethnic, and curly hair.
05. Cantu Cream Cocoa butter conditioner.
06. Cantu leave in conditioner, spray, cocoa butter.
07. Venus Razor
08. Crystal Deodorant. It is a small crystal shape.
09. Blessed Indian Temple oil.
10. Listerine Children's Mouth wash, that helps with plaque.
11. Q-tips
12. Avalon Organics face moisturizer, with lavender.
13. Dental Floss.

Layla Williams
Fandom: Sky High
Journal herohippielayla

46.1 - 13 words you hate using.

01. can't
02. won't
03. fire
04. duty
05. revenge
06. heartbreak
07. lost
08. no
09. trouble
10. miscalculation
11. run
12. fine
13. gone

Muse: Adora Cain
Fandom: Tin Man

54.6: Make your own list.

[It should be obvious what's locked and what's not. All comments meta or in the frame of a particular verse, please.]

*The day I first met her, way back in 8th grade, she kissed me. It was my first kiss, and she said it was to just "get it out of the way", so that we could be friends. But if that's true, then why I have a tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach afterward? It was a hard feeling to get rid of.

*The night Coach Arnold set the Torch on fire, and I saw her about to be engulfed in flames, I panicked, and raced to save her. The thought of Chloe not being in my life anymore, not seeing her everyday... it was something I couldn't even imagine.

*The first time I saw Chloe with Justin Gaines, I wanted nothing more than to pull her away from him and tell him to stay away. And it wasn't just because of what he turned out to be. Pete had just told me that Chloe had a crush on me, and after that, I couldn't seem to stop thinking about the possibilities.

*After her kidnapping and hospital time, Chloe came by the house, and I asked her to go to the Spring Formal with me. When she said yes, I was so happy, I thought I could fly.

*The night of the Spring Formal, she looked so... beautiful. It was like she was the most beautiful girl in the room, and she was in my arms. And for a while, she was all I could see.

(Read more...)

Clark Kent

Please direct comments at the link provided.
01. toothpaste
02. deodorant
03. toothbrush
04. shampoo
05. soap
06. Q-tips
07. washcloth
08. razor
09. shaving cream
10. aftershave
11. cologne
12. hankerchief
13. floss - because it's the ONLY thing I can hold over Durant.

Muse: Stephen Connor
Fandom: Medical Investigation
01. Hitting that stupid target on the first try - because I'd been practicing
02. The first time Wyatt kissed me - because he kissed me
03. The first time I kissed Wyatt - because I had the nerve
04. Being told I was pregnant - because I didn't believe it
05. Realizing I was actually pregnant - because I couldn't believe it
06. Holding Jeb in my arms for the first time - because he was my boy
07. The first time Jeb fed himself - because Wyatt was covered in carrots
08. The first time I fought with Wyatt - because I realized that I loved him
09. The first time I made Wyatt blush - because he's so cute when he turns beet red!
10. The first -of many- times Wyatt and I shared a bed - because, well... shall I draw you a picture?
11. Watching Jeb become his father - in one second, Wyatt was alive and there
12. Seeing our home for the first time - because Wyatt had put so much work into it
13. Having to teach Wyatt how to use that shotgun - because there's actually a trick to it

Muse: Adora Cain
Fandom: Tin Man

55.1 - 13 things you miss.

1. Keith, my Uncle
2. My mom, Lily and Andy.
3. Grey, my baby.
4. Layla when she's away.
5. Playing basketball like I used to.
6. Jimmy Edwards.
7. My friends.
8. Cuddling with Layla.
9. Tree Hill.
10. The Rivercourt
11. Keith's garage
12. Reading as much as I used to
13. Karen's cafe
Make Your Own List--13 books you have read.
1 The Handmaiden's Tale.
2. The Scarlet Letter.
3 Moby Dick.
4 The works of e.e. cummings.
5 The compilation set of Sherlock Holmes.
6 Dune.
7 Phantom of the Opera.
8 Peter Pan.
9 Wizard of Oz.
10 Alice in Wonderland.
11. Of mice and men.
12. A clockwork orange.
13. Grimm's Fairytales.

Layla Williams
Fandom: Sky High "Firebug and Flowers verse"
Journal herohippielayla with permission from notcutie.
01. I'd have ignored the phone that night [it was one call too many for Lisa]
02. I'd have not had that damn chopper land on the diamond [nothing like throwing off your kid's game]
03. I'd have them NOT send the chopper [I'm not that important]
04. I'd have tied Raymond down [he might still be alive]
05. I'd have made Frank stay home [Kim still hasn't forgiven me]
06. I'd have the knowledge to save my sister [she might still be alive]
07. I'd have not let those boys out of my sight [I still say a prayer for them, every night]
08. I'd have bit my tongue that one time in Kate's office [I should have been fired, honestly]
09. I'd have found a way to save ALL of them [because I hate to lose]
10. I'd have not become so attached to Carla [Pot. Kettle. Black.]
11. I'd have been a better friend to Natalie [I should have seen her slipping]
12. I'd have gone easier on Miles [he's a good doctor]
13. I'd have been a better father to Jack [because he's all I have]

Muse: Stephen Connor
Fandom: Medical Investigation

56.2 - 13 words/phrases you need to hear

01: Jessica’s death.

01: It’s okay.

02: I’m sorry.

03: I love you. (Jessica)

04: Everything is going to be alright.

05: “I’m” okay.

06: I’m cured. (Madison)

07: It’s not your fault.

08: Thank you.

09: Hello (no goodbyes)

10: No one died.

11: We won.

12: The apocalypse is over.

13: Hope

Sam Winchester

54.4 13 things you think about.

1. Love.
2. Taking care of the planet.
3. Life.
4. The life, and health of my plants.
5. Warren Peace, my fiancé.
6. Our special times together, like our first time, moving in together, how he takes care of me.
7. The books I am reading currently.
8. school work.
9. Working for the Mayor, bringing in the bad guys.
10. Cooking.
11. Planning our wedding, in hopes with Warren helping?
12. My friends, and family, their health, wealth and well being.
13. Having children, both furry and non.

Layla Williams RP with Warren Peace, AKA notcutie.
Fandom: Sky High
Journal herohippielayla.


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